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Challenge Coin Veterans Flag

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Finally it's here, the Challenge Coin Veterans Flag! A beautiful coin of high quality and a unique look and feel. A great gift to give to yourself or a veteran or for coin collectors.


There are several stories describing the origins of the Challenge Coin. There is the story of the Roman Empire that rewarded soldiers by awarding coins in recognition of their achievements. Another story is the first example of the use of a coin in response to an actual challenge, coming from the 17th century religious wars in France.

According to yet another story, the coins were created during the First World War. In this appealing story, a pilot was forced to land behind enemy lines and captured by a German patrol. This pilot managed to escape and eventually encountered a French outpost. The French thought he was a saboteur and prepared to execute him. He showed the coin to his future executioners and was ultimately able to confirm his identity. Instead of execution, the French gave the pilot a bottle of wine. Back at his squadron, it became tradition to ensure members had their coins with them at all times. Anyway, the origins of challenge coins can be traced back to the military.


Nowadays, challenge coins are made in various sizes, materials and colors. For example, the Challenge Coin Veterans Flag has a gold-plated Veteran wearing badge for a high-quality appearance. The veteran flag in the coin is enameled. The recessed and raised nickel on the reverse of the coin gives a shiny, mirror-like finish. The coin has a size of 60 x 60 mm and is supplied in a beautiful, black velvet packaging box with a gold Veterans wearing insignia print.

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For veterans, by veterans

Praefero consists of an honest and motivated team of experienced traditional furniture makers, project developers and active-duty and former military personnel who have all been deployed.

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Everything from Praefero is made by hand and undergoes strict quality control. This ensures that we can guarantee customers the highest possible quality.

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Each Praefero concept is specially designed to serve as a sounding board for the veteran and as an extension of the veteran. This special target group could and should express itself proudly.