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Honor Your Service, Display Your Pride



For Veterans, By Veterans

At Praefero, we deeply understand the unique experiences and values ​​of our veterans. Our mission is to serve this special community with products that not only honor their service, but also proudly display a piece of their story.

Praefero designs, produces and supplies high-quality presentation material to mainly deployed soldiers and veterans who feel the need to give their pride, such as decorations, sabres, coins or their berets, a special place that they deserve.

Each Praefero concept is specially designed to serve as a sounding board for the veteran and as an extension of the veteran. This special target group could and should feel proud.

Our offerings, from custom presentation frames to unique coin displays, are designed to honor your most cherished memories and achievements. With every product we make, we strive to strengthen the bond within our community by putting quality and integrity first.

Zoom Praefero Gift Card 10-500

Praefero Gift Card 10-500

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Give the gift of choice with the Praefero Giftcard, a flexible digital solution for every occasion. When purchasing, you will receive a unique code directly by email, with which the recipient can choose from the entire Praefero range, from presentation frames to beret holders. For those who prefer a tangible gift, we offer the option to contact us for a physical gift card. A perfect way to show appreciation and respect to those who have served.

Praefero Shadowboxes

Praefero produces high-quality presentation material in which military awards are given an attractive, safe and dust-free place.

Praefero's shadowboxes offer the opportunity to display your (made up) medals, badges, award cords, shoulder pads, name tags, etc. in style. Also a perfect gift for the soldier or veteran

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Praefero Beret holders

Praefero has developed a special holder especially for your old or current beret. The beret is placed over brass pins, resulting in a stylish presentation on solid wood.

A transparent plastic hood prevents the beret from coming into contact with dust and dirt.

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Praefero Coin Displays

Discover our collection of coin displays, specially designed for the elegant display of coins and medals. These displays are made of high-quality materials, provide a clear view of your collection and protect it against dust and wear.

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Design & Customization

If there are items for which the presentation frame or beret holder are not suitable, Praefero designs and develops a completely customized product.

For example, a long saber or a flag folded into a triangle can be given a suitable destination.

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“Just became the proud owner of a dual-stand beret holder. Now I can put the Red and Nassau Blue on display instead of letting it dust in the closet. Thank you Praefero!”

Mr. P. Kivits Veteran

“Wow! What a gap in the market we have here
searched for years…”

Mr. G. Bink Veteran

For veterans, By veterans

Our team consists of a group of (former) soldiers who have all been deployed.

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