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Design & Customization

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A completely unique design

Praefero designs, produces and supplies high-quality presentation material, mainly to deployed military personnel who feel the need to give their pride a special place. However, it may happen that the existing presentation material is not sufficient and that a new, unique design is required.

We offer the solution for this: a specially designed, completely unique design that meets all your wishes.

Perfect balance between function and aesthetics

When designing our projects, we strive for a perfect balance between function and aesthetics. This results in a refined end result that gives special objects and awards the place they deserve.

For presenting pride and achievement

Military personnel are deployed on behalf of the government. They have to perform their task under difficult circumstances, far away from home and sometimes at the risk of their own lives. It is important to remember that they do this on behalf of all of us and that we realize this as a society.

That is why every Praefero concept is specially designed to serve as a sounding board for the veteran and as an extension of the veteran. This special target group could and should express itself proudly.

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