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About Praefero

For veterans, by veterans

Praefero designs, produces and supplies high-quality presentation material mainly to deployed soldiers who need to give their pride, for example decorations, sabres, coins or their berets, a special place.

This is done through an honest and motivated team of experienced traditional furniture makers, project developers and active-duty and former military personnel who have all been deployed.

“Just became the proud owner of a dual-stand beret holder. Now I can put the Red and Nassau Blue on display instead of letting it dust in the closet. Thank you Praefero!”

Mr. P. Kivits Veteran

“Wow! What a gap in the market we have here
searched for years…”

Mr. G. Bink Veteran

Praefero's vision

Military personnel are deployed on behalf of the government. They have to perform their task under difficult circumstances, far away from home and sometimes at the risk of their own lives. It is important to remember that they do this on behalf of all of us and that we realize this as a society. A nation needs an armed force, but this also applies vice versa.

It is important for both the armed forces and the Dutch people that we continue to emphasize the importance of a strong armed forces as long as peace missions are part of the armed forces' tasks. Especially now that in times of cutbacks, the armed forces' right to exist is increasingly being scrutinized.

Praefero wants to ensure that there are also the means to expose the armed forces and their tasks and achievements as widely as possible. Praefero develops, produces and supplies special concepts that make it easier for a veteran to bring these exploits to light and at the same time inform society about them.

'After all, the armed forces are the life insurance of our society, you would rather not pay for it, but when you need it, there is something there'

PJM from Uhm Former CDS General

Goals of Praefero

• Close the gap between the present and the past.
• Creating support within society.
• Supporting the transparent attitude of the armed forces
• Recognition and appreciation for the broad range of tasks of the armed forces.
• To map and preserve the rich history of our armed forces.
• Creating a connection between the armed forces and society.

Origin of Praefero

The members of Praefero, a successful combination of mainly veterans and an owner of a traditional furniture workshop, have taken the initiative to put concepts, such as the presentation table, on the market, which initially originated as a selfless service and gift within a close circle of friends of actively serving veterans.

This concept could thus serve as a sounding board from the military to his immediate society and would only later receive a national mission as a means of recognition and appreciation for the men and women who have stood ready for peace and security at home and abroad all these years.

Meaning of Praefero

Praefero is Latin for: to present, to show something, to bring to light, to reveal.
Each Praefero concept is specially designed to serve as a sounding board for the veteran and as an extension of the veteran. This special target group could and should express itself proudly.

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