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Prince Bernhard Flag

For this special commission, Praefero created a large frame for Prince Bernhard's flag. The framed flag was unveiled by King Willem Alexander and hangs in Zwaluwenberg.

Ceremonial Flag Box Police

For the National Police, Praefero helped design and manufacture an honorable and, for the Police, unique concept. The ceremonial triangular flag box is made of solid hand-stained mahogany. It has special invisible articulated hinges and is finished on the inside with Nassau blue velvet upholstery to provide a place of honor for the Dutch flag folded triangularly.

IGK Kelp Display

For the IGK, Praefero designed and produced a representative display. Composed of complexly shaped elements, the symbolic listening ear, a large tropical shell, was given a holder that does it justice.

Regimental table 42 BLJ

For 42 Battalion Limburg Hunters, Praefero produced a regimental table for the new meeting room in which the replaced regimental banner could rest. This 2m20 x 2m20 large oak table has a central display case, velour upholstered with two dimmable LED lighting strips and remote control.

Swords and lances

There are countless ways to present swords and sabers. Here you can see some examples of projects where swords and lances are presented in a unique way.